Privacy Policy

What information we collect and how we use it:
We collect personal information when you purchase items from the website, contact us with comments, product enquiries or complaints through the Travel Sick Productions website or by telephone. This may include email address, postal address given for shipping and delivery details, your name and your telephone number.

We do not actively track or record IP addresses or your browser actions while you use the website. Nor do we use information we gather to profile customers.

Purchases and Ordering:
When you place orders through the Travel Sick Productions website we use your personal information to process your order, ensure that products are delivered to the desired location, process payments and send you emails regarding the progress and status of your order. We may also contact you via telephone (if you supply a telephone number) should we have concerns regarding your order eg. suspected errors.

Any data or information gathered by us from your use of the website will be kept only for the duration of time deemed necessary for providing you with the services offered. Information used to fulfill product purchases may be retained by us electronically after orders are placed for up until after the expiration of your product returns window, or as otherwise required by law.

Some information may be recorded and securely archived thereafter for our own purposes (invoices and sales records) dependent on the nature of the services you choose to use. Information you provide that is regarded personal, sensitive or unnecessary for our records will not be kept.

Information we share:
We will not share or sell your data with any other business or individual without your explicit consent, unless already clearly stated by us and accepted by you as necessary for fulfilling the services you are paying for (such as providing a delivery company with the delivery information you provide us)

However please be aware that some elements of the website may use a third party whom also store your data. This could include such elements as services which process your payment information when purchasing products on the website (PayPal). We will attempt to ensure that any third party that is involved in the processing of your data as a result of using the website are both GDPR and DPA compliant.

How to access the information we gather about you:
If you would like to enquire as to what personal information we have regarding yourself, or wish for data relating to you to be removed from our records please contact Travel Sick Productions via email, telephone, in writing or through the “contact” section of the website. For security purposes you may be required to answer some basic questions in order for us to establish you are the legitimate owner (of the information being requested) before we release any related data or information to you.